What They’re Saying

Jina is amazing as a life coach; she genuinely cares for the wellbeing of her clients. Her professionalism is second to none. My experience with Jina has been phenomenal, she helped change my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. She made me realize my self worth and I am much more confident. She has a positive aura and knows exactly what to say, she is so natural at what she does. I appreciate all her dedication and valuable positive energy to help me through a very turbulent time. And she continues to support me whenever I reach out. Jina is a breath of fresh air!!!

Saida Nanji

Being in a fast-paced life style, juggling various things at work and life at the same time, I saw myself drifting slowly but surely from the main goals I had set for my life when I first start working. Additionally, things that I was good at doing became more challenging because of mental and moral burnout. Jina truly helped me in realigning my path to my true self and the results were spectacular. I become more productive at work with less exhaustion. She will remain my life coach as each minute is worth it

Rab. K

Jina’s ability to problem solve and encourage you while you think you’re struggling was so comforting. I was able to reach my goals, discuss my insecurities and vision for my future very well because of the perspective Jina brought into our session every week. It gave me an outlook of myself and what I really needed to change.

Elsa Nilaj

It is with a humbled gratitude that I write this endorsement for Jina.  Her gentle soul and listening heart helped me navigate a difficult time in my life.
She helped me prioritize goals, encouraged me to recognize how successful I am and gave me a gentle nudge of courage.  Thank you so much for your guidance!

Michelle Milanowski, RN

It was a pleasure being coached and guided by Jina. She has such warmth, patience, and understanding during the sessions, all while keeping us on track. Each session flowed perfectly. She utilized a combination of pressing questions, free talk, guided meditation, goal setting, and assigning “homework” for the following week. Each session was a good combination of structure and flow. Whenever I couldn’t directly answer a question, she helped guide me with follow-up questions. She went above and beyond by offering me meditation and even nutrition resources to use outside of our sessions. She is a wealth of knowledge. I felt no judgment from her but instead true compassion and willingness to help me improve my habits. I believe she will go on to support and guide many lives. She’s already helped mine. 

Salwa Abdala

I was going through the darkest times of my life & she came into it out of the blue. She has brought light, hope, and belief in self-worth into my life and I'm so very grateful for her. She is an incredibly patient, loving, understanding, and intelligent coach. I am amazed by the knowledge and the gift she possesses to transform lives. I cannot wait to see myself manifesting all that I am worthy of because of her guidance.


Zeinab Al Husseini