Services Provided

Jina is dedicated to offer evidence-based mind & body interventions to support her clients' autonomy in building a healthy, successful, and happy life 

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Coaching sessions

Coaching helps reach your full potential by articulating your future vision and putting goals into action. Are you struggling with achieving your goals and dreams? Do you feel as if your future self is too far away and you don’t know how to get there? This program is for you!

Initial consultation (1hr- 90 mins) - $100 (25% discount may apply)

weekly session: 60 mins $75 (33% discount may apply)



Are you looking  to enhance your focus, work performance, and quality of life or improve symptoms of mental health concerns such as trauma, anxiety, depression, or ADHD
Then this program is for you!

Session 1: Identifying the client’s issue & suitable meditation type.
Session 2-4: Practicing the type of meditation
Session 5-6: Implementing other helpful daily interventions in life.

Price: $100/session
Program Price: 6 sessions for $540

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Self love and compassion program

Do you feel unworthy and unheard? Do you have a lot of destructive self-talk? Are you in toxic relationships? Do you have a hard time placing healthy boundaries? Then this program is for you!

Session 1: Identifying negative self talk and patterns in the client's life.
Session 2: Connecting to the younger self.
Session 3: Healing the inner child.
Session 4: Learning self-compassion daily interventions.
Session 5: Changing old unhealthy patterns.
Session 6: Embracing the change.

Price:  $ 650


Heart Math Program

Would you like to increase your focus and decrease your anxiety and fatigue? Do you want to embrace a life of heartfelt gratitude and joy? Do you want to strengthen your resilience and overcome stress? Then this program is for you!

Session 1: Introducing heart math and science behind it Session 2: Defining traumatic and stressful experiences in the client’s life
Session 3: Introducing Heart-Focused breathing and activating a positive or renewing feeling
Session 4: Using heart math technology to show the different effects of positive and negative feelings in their body
Session 5: Integrating brain and heart coherence in daily life. ​

Heart Math: $120/session
Heart Math Program: 5 sessions for $500

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Mindful Eating Program

Do you feel guilt and resentment after eating too much? Do you think about calories and food as an enemy? Do you keep on eating foods that cause you discomfort? Then this program is for you!

Session 1: Identifying the client’s eating habits and distinguishing healthy and non-healthy foods

Session 2: Finding ways to listen to your body through food

Session 3: Easy healthy recipes for a busy life

 Session 4: Meal prep made realistically

Session 5: Embracing and assessing eating and lifestyle changes.

Session 6: Making a lifetime change.

Program price: $ 700



Psych-K session

Do you have limiting beliefs that are creating obstacles in your life? Do you want to work on behavior and habit resetting? Then PSYCH-K will be perfect for you!

Psych- K is an interactive process to change the subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting and self-sabotaging. This process transcends the standard methods of visualization, affirmation, willpower, and positive thinking especially in the areas of behavioral/habit change as well as stress reduction. This technique uses the body intelligence through muscle testing to rewire the subconscious beliefs so that the clients achieve their ideal selves.


 Session price: $100