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Masters of Science in Health and Human Performance 

This program taught me about health and human performance coaching and health education. I learned nutrition, physiology, and psychology of performance, Chinese medicine, and evidence-informed practice.


Certified Neuromeditation

I received my certification in being a Neuromeditation instructor from Neuromeditation Institute. The Neuromeditation method is a customized meditation plan that fits a client’s needs and goals. As an instructor, I help people identify what kind of meditation is best suited for them. I also help clients train their brains to adapt to their meditative practices.


Certificated clinical Hypnotherapist

I received my certification in clinical hypnosis from the Clinical Hypnosis Institute. Clinical Hypnosis teaches clients to use a deep relaxation state to address personal issues. Hypnosis is an important practice because 95% of our behaviors are based on beliefs stored in our subconscious minds. Hypnosis can help unravel those beliefs to have the client live their ideal lifestyle.


Medical Massage Therapy

I received my medical massage therapy license in 2014 from the Carnegie Institute. When I practiced medical massage therapy, I worked with doctors to help alleviate pain for patients who were affected by pain, illness, and injuries. After years of experience, I bring the knowledge of body posture and movement in any way to help my clients with broadening their awareness.



I became a Reiki Master through Lisa Guyman, a spiritual educator and Reiki master. Reiki promotes deep relaxation and supports the body’s innate healing abilities. Reiki reduces stress and balances energy. I use the Reiki healing and energy techniques in my coaching practice to cleanse the spiritual path of my clients.


Positive Neuroplasticity

I completed the Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Professional course with Dr. Rick Hanson in 2020. Positive Neuroplasticity is the practice of turning ordinary experiences into extraordinary inner strengths and using these strengths as a resource to resolve any issues related to safety, satisfaction, and connection. I use these techniques in my coaching to help client expand their positive experience.

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Certified Health & Wellness Coach

I have been a health and wellness coach since 2017 however, I decided to further my knowledge and obtain a new certification through WellCoaches in 2019. As a certified health and wellness coach, I help my clients develop and implement personal wellness plans so they can achieve their higher purpose, take charge in harnessing their strengths, and live their ideal lives. I am a transformational coach who offers an open and inviting space for all my clients so that they are heard and encouraged to be who they are.


Heart Math

I am a certified Heart Math practitioner. Heart math is an approach that aims to create physiological coherence through changing the heart rhythm pattern and increasing harmony in our mind, emotions, and body. In addition to my coaching approach, I offer Heart math sessions. I guide the client in achieving a brain heart coherence to help them utilize these tools to combat daily stress and traumatic situations. One tool I use is the heart math emWave Pro sensor to assist the client in experiencing and seeing the difference when they achieve brain heart coherence. One way I take clients into this state is through breathing techniques and reinforcements of positive emotions.



I am a certified basic instructor for the Psych-K program. Psych-K is a powerful process that aims to change the subconscious beliefs that are self-limiting ad self-sabotaging. In addition to my coaching services, I offer Psych-K sessions. I aim to help clients tap into their self-limiting beliefs to help them change their behavior and habits so they can fully focus on achieving their goals.


Brain health 

I'm a certified brain health coach through Amen university. As a brain coach, I customize a specialized plan to the client's unique brain type. This will enhance their mood and brain power. This approach will allow them to have the right tools to combat depression, anxiety, and ADD.


Lifestyle Prevent T2 coach

 I'm a certified prevent T2 lifestyle coach. Prevent T2 is a lifestyle change program developed by the CDC. I got certified through Temple university. This program gave me the appropriate tools to help clients who are prediabetic and clients who are at high risk of being diabetic.


My learning journey never ends... to be continued 

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