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Saida Nanji

“Jina is amazing as a life coach; she genuinely cares for the wellbeing of her clients. Her professionalism is second to none. My experience with Jina has been phenomenal, she helped change my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. She made me realize my self worth and I am much more confident. She has a positive aura and knows exactly what to say, she is so natural at what she does. I appreciate all her dedication and valuable positive energy to help me through a very turbulent time. And she continues to support me whenever I reach out. Jina is a breath of fresh air!!!.”

Marwa Ahmed

Jina has been a wonderful and wise coach . I've learned various things from her,
all within the context of my situation. I've learned to make noteworthy goals and
have seen an improvement in the way I perceive my inner self every morning. I
learned about my inner resources to help me overcome my limitations. I have
learned to closely listen to my heart and to follow my intuition. She has been a
great coach who uses various practices in her work and her warming tone and
calm demeanor is very inviting and grounding in itself.

Rab. K

Being in a fast-paced life style, juggling various things at work and life at the same time, I saw myself drifting slowly but surely from the main goals I had set for my life when I first start working. Additionally, things that I was good at doing became more challenging because of mental and moral burnout. Jina truly helped me in realigning my path to my true self and the results were spectacular. I become more productive at work with less exhaustion. She will remain my life coach as each minute is worth it

Faizi. B

I have suffered my entire life with an eating disorder. It’s been years of shame,
self-doubt and confusion over why I can’t stop eating. I had no control; my
addiction controlled me. Then I met Jina. She is intelligent, professional, and
kind. I’m grateful that Jina helped me. I’m no longer being harassed by my
addiction and my life isn’t clogged up with thoughts of food all day. She gives me
so much support and she is dedicated to my success. I have lost weight and my
mind has been set free. Jina gave me a new set on life by reprogramming my
subconscious mind with hypnosis. The new program is I’m in control, I don’t
overeat. This is my new life. Thank you Jina

Elsa Nilaj

Jina’s ability to problem solve and encourage you while you think you’re struggling was so comforting. I was able to reach my goals, discuss my insecurities and vision for my future very well because of the perspective Jina brought into our session every week. It gave me an outlook of myself and what I really needed to change.

Elsa Nilaj

A friend who worked with Jina told me about her since I suffered from social
anxiety and depression, and I didn’t want to take medication. Jina was very
thorough and dedicated in her approach she offered me hypnosis, Psych- K, and
Neuromeditation sessions which changed my whole perception and calmed

down my anxious brain. Her treatments helped me be comfortable in social
gatherings. And I can say now that I'm really optimistic and happy.
Betty Isaza
I’m a medical professional, and I have been through many traumas in my life.
When I met Jina I was burned out and very stressed. Jina with her kind and
amazing skills put me on the right track with the self-love program, which allowed
me to love myself and believe in my worth. After releasing my traumas and taking
care of myself, I lost weight, I have more energy, and I’m more passionate about
my work.

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