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  • Can I change through coaching?
    If you are looking and willing to change, you will make positive changes. Coaching is all about what you want to achieve in your life.
  • What if I feel that coaching is not for me halfway through the process and I want to end it?
    What if I feel that coaching is not for me halfway through the process and I want to end it? Feeling this way is valid but, you should cancel 24 hours before a coaching session to avoid being charged. Then, you should communicate with me thoroughly about what is the reason for leaving
  • Are you paid through insurance?
    No but, coaches are working on getting covered through insurance.
  • How many times can I meet with my coach?
    Normally, coaches and clients meet once a week however, if you feel the need to meet more than once a week, we can schedule that.
  • Where do we meet?
    We will meet mainly online through Zoom or phone calls however, we are working on having a physical office in the future.
  • Will you tell me what to do?
    Will you tell me what to do? You are the expert of your life. This is a partnership where we develop a plan for you to execute and you will have all the support you need from me.
  • What is the difference between coaching and therapy?
    In coaching, I partner with the client to understand their aspirations and dreams and help the client plan and achieve them. I am a transformational, health and life, and consultant coach. This means that I help you on your journey of major life transitions if you are going through any, by helping you shape goals, mindset, and core beliefs. Therapy works through resolving traumas and past events while coaching focuses on bettering yourself for being the best version of yourself in the future.
  • How long is the program?
    My program runs for 6 months. It starts with one 90-minute consultation to see if we are a fit and then, there will be weekly 45-60 minute sessions to keep up with your goals and adjust them as you move through your journey.
  • Is there confidentiality?
    Before the coaching process begins, there is a confidentiality agreement that is signed and respected on both sides.
  • What should I expect to do?
    Expect to show up for yourself, to achieve your weekly goals, and to believe in your abilities to shape the best version of yourself.
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