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Meet Jina


Jina is a certified Health and Wellness, a transformational Coach, a Neuromeditation instructor with a Master's degree in Health and Human Performance. She specializes in lifestyle and mindset changes, prompting a positive, healthy, mental, and physical approach to one’s life. Through her growth journey from being an anxious and impulsive person to a calm and mindful one, she has learned and utilized many modalities that she can share. She guides her clients in unleashing their self-power and using their strengths to be the best version of themselves. Becoming an avid meditator and experiencing the fantastic results in her transformation led Jina to learn Neuromeditation and become an instructor. Jina has a comprehensive psychology background and certification in clinical hypnosis, medical massage therapy, Reiki, Neuromeditation instructor, HeartMath®, and practices positive neuroplasticity and PSYCH-K® facilitation. She has knowledge of the mind and body connection through thoughts, movements, and energy, which she translates to a customized plan to help clients reach their maximum potential and inner peace.

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